How to Remember Wedding Anniversaries: Don’t Forget to Send Text Messages Online & Set Email Reminders

Posted on March 15, 2018 in Wedding Tips

Forgetting an anniversary is seen as a cardinal sin among married couples, but the hectic pace of life makes it is easy to be forgetful. Fortunately, there are several automated ways to remember a wedding anniversary or other important date. Use automated text messages, email reminders or greeting card services to make sure she or he never forgets an anniversary.

Buy Personalized Greeting Cards

Remembering to send a card for an anniversary or other important event has never been easier, thanks to companies that offer paper, personalized greeting cards online. Companies like Shutterfly allow husbands and wives to select a card, personalize it and send it out on a scheduled date. At Shutterfly the price of the card depends on whether it is blank or personalized, but prices are comparable to greeting cards purchased in stores.

Greeting card services like Shutterfly are best used to send cards to extended family members for annual events, like parents’ anniversaries or birthdays. They also work well for couples who choose low-key anniversary celebrations like exchanging cards and going out to dinner.

Spouses who have larger celebrations can use automated greeting card services as well. Husbands and wives can personalize the card with a love quote or message and have unsigned cards sent to themselves a week or two before this date. Receiving the card can serve as a reminder to go out and buy a gift.

Send Email Reminders for Anniversaries

Almost any device with a calendar feature can be set up to give alerts or reminders for specific dates or events. Those who are not familiar with high-tech gadgets however, can use basic email reminders through Yahoo! Calendar and Google Calendar. Setting up these email reminders is easy and works great for people who are looking for low-tech automated reminders.

Don’t Forget Automated Text Messages

Some people know that their anniversary or special event is coming up, but forget at the last minute. For these people, sending automated text messages online may be just the tool they need to make their wedding anniversary a special day. Sending a text message to make dinner reservations or order flowers takes just a few seconds. Use a free service like “Oh, Don’t Forget…” to send text messages online. These messages can serve as a reminder to handle last minute details.

Married couples have several tools at their disposal to help remember anniversaries, birthdays and other special events. Use companies that schedule greeting card delivery to remember events like parents’ anniversaries and birthdays for extended relatives. Email reminders are easy to use and can be recurring annual reminders of important dates. Text messages can serve to jog the memory so no one forgets an anniversary or the details that make it special

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