How to Celebrate a Romantic Wedding Anniversary

Posted on March 7, 2018 in Wedding Tips
wedding anniversary

Every year, married couples have an opportunity to remember and celebrate the day they exchanged vows. Some couples might choose to exchange traditionally themed gifts, such as paper for a first anniversary, cotton or straw for the second, leather for the third, and so on. But couples looking for a unique way to recreate the romance year after year need only embrace their wedding day’s most precious moments to start an intimate tradition of their very own.

Create a Wedding Celebration Year After Year

While it might be difficult and costly to bring an entire wedding celebration to life each and every year, there are many romantic alternatives. Reminders of the significance of a wedding day can be found in words, flowers, music, food, photography and videography. Vow renewal ceremonies and second honeymoons can be left for milestone anniversaries, such as 10th, 25th or 50th. But for the years in between, here are some suggestions for couples to eternally ignite wedding day sparks.

  • Wedding menu. Prepare some of the tastiest dishes served at the wedding reception. Share the cooking tasks, then sit down to an intimate candlelit dinner for two.
  • Flowers. Grooms can send a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the same ones his bride carried on the wedding day.
  • Match dressing. Couple can dress up same pattern in wedding celebration. For example, men can wear suit with floral skinny ties and women can wear beautiful floral dress to have special memories.
  • Return to the site. If a couple had an intimate wedding, perhaps at a neaby bed and breakfast, returning to the location for an overnight stay is a lovely way to retrace the wedding day steps and then get cozy for the night.
  • Island oasis or winter wonderland. A destination wedding held at a more exotic location can be recreated in a couple’s home with a litte imagination and unique decoration. Simple beach decor could be achieved with party favors and arts and crafts. And if a wedding was winter or autumn themed, seasonal inspiration is just as easy to find in sleighbells and holly or pumpkins and haystacks.
  • Honeymoon magic. Relive moments of the honeymoon by enjoying an evening of specific cocktails and foods shared on that retreat such as strawberries and champagne, an Italian wine and pasta, or German beer and rich pastries.

Reunite the Wedding Party and Celebrate with Family and Friends

Couples may choose to share their anniversary with some or all of the family and friends who were a part of their wedding. Memories of that day could be shared over a dinner party at home or at a local eatery.

Celebrating with the original bridal party may also be an option for a milestone anniversary, such as a 10th anniversary of greater. An anniversary cake, with similar flavors and colors of a couples original wedding cake could be made. Favors could be placed at each seat for the members of the bridal party. Viewing the wedding video would make for great entertainment and wedding photo albums could be placed out for casual browsing.

Preparation for a wedding anniversary celebration is critical, particularly if a couple has grown into a family and requires babysitting services. Plenty of advance notice should be provided to the caregiver so that the couple can properly enjoy the intimacy of their special day. And as the children grow, their parents wedding anniversary will likely become something they come to cherish as well.

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