How to Remember Wedding Anniversaries: Don’t Forget to Send Text Messages Online & Set Email Reminders

Posted on March 15, 2018 in Wedding Tips

Forgetting an anniversary is seen as a cardinal sin among married couples, but the hectic pace of life makes it is easy to be forgetful. Fortunately, there are several automated ways to remember a wedding anniversary or other important date. Use automated text messages, email reminders or greeting card services to make sure she or he never forgets an anniversary.

Buy Personalized Greeting Cards

Remembering to send a card for an anniversary or other important event has never been easier, thanks to companies that offer paper, personalized greeting cards online. Companies like Shutterfly allow husbands and wives to select a card, personalize it and send it out on a scheduled date. At Shutterfly the price of the card depends on whether it is blank or personalized, but prices are comparable to greeting cards purchased in stores.

Greeting card services like Shutterfly are best used to send cards to extended family members for annual events, like parents’ anniversaries or birthdays. They also work well for couples who choose low-key anniversary celebrations like exchanging cards and going out to dinner.

Spouses who have larger celebrations can use automated greeting card services as well. Husbands and wives can personalize the card with a love quote or message and have unsigned cards sent to themselves a week or two before this date. Receiving the card can serve as a reminder to go out and buy a gift.

Send Email Reminders for Anniversaries

Almost any device with a calendar feature can be set up to give alerts or reminders for specific dates or events. Those who are not familiar with high-tech gadgets however, can use basic email reminders through Yahoo! Calendar and Google Calendar. Setting up these email reminders is easy and works great for people who are looking for low-tech automated reminders.

Don’t Forget Automated Text Messages

Some people know that their anniversary or special event is coming up, but forget at the last minute. For these people, sending automated text messages online may be just the tool they need to make their wedding anniversary a special day. Sending a text message to make dinner reservations or order flowers takes just a few seconds. Use a free service like “Oh, Don’t Forget…” to send text messages online. These messages can serve as a reminder to handle last minute details.

Married couples have several tools at their disposal to help remember anniversaries, birthdays and other special events. Use companies that schedule greeting card delivery to remember events like parents’ anniversaries and birthdays for extended relatives. Email reminders are easy to use and can be recurring annual reminders of important dates. Text messages can serve to jog the memory so no one forgets an anniversary or the details that make it special

Music for the Wedding Reception: Is a Wedding DJ or a Live Band the Better Choice?

Posted on March 8, 2018 in Wedding Tips

Both DJs and live bands have extensive experience in performing at wedding receptions, and both can have a striking impact on the wedding day. It is important to choose wisely.

Live Wedding Music or a Wedding DJ?

One of the most basic considerations in deciding whether to hire a live band or a disc jockey for the wedding reception is the degree of importance the wedding couple attaches to music in its original form. The same song, when sung by someone other than the original recording artist, can sound quite different.

If the intricate instrumental nuances or the sound of an artist’s voice is what makes a song special to the wedding couple, then a DJ is likely the best choice. Songs will be played in their original form. There will be no personal embellishment, and the sound will be exactly as it was when the bride and groom fell in love with the song.

If having the original artist perform the song is not as important to the wedding couple as is the more festive ambiance of a live band, then using qualified musicians may be the better choice.

A live band and a DJ each bring something unique to the table. Deciding on what issues matter most is the key to choosing wisely. It is also possible to have a combination of both, such as a live soloist or a guitarist for the ceremony and a disc jockey for the reception, or perhaps recorded music for the ceremony and a live band at the reception.

Disc Jockey and Live Band Contrasts

  • Song sound: A DJ will play original artists and recordings. A live band will perform its own interpretation of songs.
  • Song choice: Either a DJ or a live cover band who frequently performs at weddings should have a vast selection and variety of songs in their repertoire.
  • Special requests: If the wedding couple wants to hear a particular song that is not on the play list of either the DJ or the band, the DJ will merely seek out and obtain the song. The band will have to learn it. Learning a new song in a short amount of time can produce mixed results. If the song is important, ample time must be allowed for a band to practice the new material.
  • Theme: For theme weddings, a live band can perform in costumes and in a specific musical style, such as jazz, swing, country, big band, etc. A style-specific band can add to the reception theme ambiance. A DJ, while able to don a costume and play some style-specific music, will not have the visual impact of a live band doing the same thing.
  • Venue: The size of the reception area is a factor. A full live band may not be able to keep the volume low enough in small reception halls. A DJ, depending upon his equipment and speakers, can easily adjust the volume.
  • Personality: Either a DJ or a live band can add or detract from the reception experience. Meeting potential candidates in person is the only way to determine if their demeanor is appropriate for the wedding. Watching them perform at other functions is the best way to conduct an audition.
  • Intrusion: Whether the choice is ultimately a DJ or a live band, either must entertain without being intrusive. The bride and groom are the stars of the day and should never be overshadowed by over-the-top performers. Asking for references, and following up, will help determine the satisfaction of others who have previously employed the band or DJ.
  • Cost: A DJ may be as much as 75% less expensive than a live band.

DJs and Live Musicians Matter

It is not better or worse, right or wrong, to choose a DJ over a live band, or vice versa. All that matters is choosing wisely so that the wedding reception is filled with wondrous melodies, not regrets.

The right music and the right provider will create a musical flow that smoothly and beautifully takes listeners from one song to the next. Whether the wedding couple is cutting the cake or dancing that first dance, the music, and those creating it, matters.

How to Celebrate a Romantic Wedding Anniversary

Posted on March 7, 2018 in Wedding Tips
wedding anniversary

Every year, married couples have an opportunity to remember and celebrate the day they exchanged vows. Some couples might choose to exchange traditionally themed gifts, such as paper for a first anniversary, cotton or straw for the second, leather for the third, and so on. But couples looking for a unique way to recreate the romance year after year need only embrace their wedding day’s most precious moments to start an intimate tradition of their very own.

Create a Wedding Celebration Year After Year

While it might be difficult and costly to bring an entire wedding celebration to life each and every year, there are many romantic alternatives. Reminders of the significance of a wedding day can be found in words, flowers, music, food, photography and videography. Vow renewal ceremonies and second honeymoons can be left for milestone anniversaries, such as 10th, 25th or 50th. But for the years in between, here are some suggestions for couples to eternally ignite wedding day sparks.

  • Wedding menu. Prepare some of the tastiest dishes served at the wedding reception. Share the cooking tasks, then sit down to an intimate candlelit dinner for two.
  • Flowers. Grooms can send a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the same ones his bride carried on the wedding day.
  • Match dressing. Couple can dress up same pattern in wedding celebration. For example, men can wear suit with floral skinny ties and women can wear beautiful floral dress to have special memories.
  • Return to the site. If a couple had an intimate wedding, perhaps at a neaby bed and breakfast, returning to the location for an overnight stay is a lovely way to retrace the wedding day steps and then get cozy for the night.
  • Island oasis or winter wonderland. A destination wedding held at a more exotic location can be recreated in a couple’s home with a litte imagination and unique decoration. Simple beach decor could be achieved with party favors and arts and crafts. And if a wedding was winter or autumn themed, seasonal inspiration is just as easy to find in sleighbells and holly or pumpkins and haystacks.
  • Honeymoon magic. Relive moments of the honeymoon by enjoying an evening of specific cocktails and foods shared on that retreat such as strawberries and champagne, an Italian wine and pasta, or German beer and rich pastries.

Reunite the Wedding Party and Celebrate with Family and Friends

Couples may choose to share their anniversary with some or all of the family and friends who were a part of their wedding. Memories of that day could be shared over a dinner party at home or at a local eatery.

Celebrating with the original bridal party may also be an option for a milestone anniversary, such as a 10th anniversary of greater. An anniversary cake, with similar flavors and colors of a couples original wedding cake could be made. Favors could be placed at each seat for the members of the bridal party. Viewing the wedding video would make for great entertainment and wedding photo albums could be placed out for casual browsing.

Preparation for a wedding anniversary celebration is critical, particularly if a couple has grown into a family and requires babysitting services. Plenty of advance notice should be provided to the caregiver so that the couple can properly enjoy the intimacy of their special day. And as the children grow, their parents wedding anniversary will likely become something they come to cherish as well.

How to Create a Marriage Ceremony with Perfect Wedding Vows

Posted on March 7, 2018 in Wedding Tips

Wedding vows are verbal expressions of a commitment between a man and woman to become husband and wife. But what makes wedding vows perfect? A poem? A psalm? A promise? Couples struggling with creating a dialogue to express just the right words at just the right time, are no longer bound by pre-existing texts.

A personalized exchange is possible, but the exchange of vows should coincide with the theme and mood of the entire wedding ceremony, as well as the guidelines of the officiant.

Traditional Church Ceremony and Vows

If a bride and a groom practice the same faith and attend the same house of worship, christian wedding vows are often used. A blanket set of vows can not be simply stated because the rules and regulations differ from one religion to the next.

Brides and grooms, upon deciding on a traditional church ceremony, should meet with the minister/priest/rabbi to finalize the ceremony, including music, special prayers, and readings and to discuss the possibility of a few personalized vows. Some religions adhere to strict standards for marriage vows, while others may be more flexible. Traditional church or temple ceremonies would take place for the following faiths.

  • Roman Catholic
  • Protestant ( Including but not limited to Methodist, Lutheran and Baptist)
  • Jewish (Orthodox, Conservative and Reform)
  • Christian Science
  • Quaker
  • Eastern Orthodox (Greek and Russian)
  • Mormon
  • Muslin
  • Hindu

Civil, Military or Nondemoninational Ceremonies

Brides and grooms who practice different faiths or who are inactive in their faiths my want to consider a nondenominational or civil ceremony to exchange wedding vows. If the couple together, or either the bride or the groom is a member of the armed forces, a military ceremony is an option.

Military Wedding

Civil or nondenominational ceremonies can be faith-filled and spiritual and officiated by either a minister, judge, justice of the peace or magistrate. Most follow the rituals of a Protestant ceremony and allow greater flexibility with vows. An officiant may lead a bride and groom in proclaiming their vows, couples may choose to speak freely with personalized vows, or a combination of both could be possible. In addition to biblical verse, inspiration can be drawn from the following:

  • Love Poems. Refer to classic literature such as Shakespeare or Yeats.
  • Lyrics. Countless lovesongs express intimate sentiments
  • Romance Novels. Collect ideas from passages in sentimental books
  • Movies. Review some classic romantic movie qoutes.
  • Personal Intimacies. Think of the special words or phrases used in conversations with one another.
  • Photo Albums. Draw upon inspiration for personalized vows from photos of special places or events shared together.

Brides and grooms need to agree on what types of vows to be exchanged prior to meeting with the officiant. If personalized vows are allowed by the officiant for the ceremony, the couple must decide whether to write vows separately or together and then present those suggestions to the person performing the ceremony.

Alternative Flower Bouquets for Bridesmaids: Bridesmaid Flower Ideas for Weddings

Posted on March 4, 2018 in Wedding Tips

Today, both brides and bridesmaids have a number of alternative choices in wedding bouquet styles; bridesmaid flower bouquet alternatives include flower balls (or pomanders), flower baskets, purses decorated with flowers, flower wrist corsages and the Victorian tussie mussie. Traditional flower bouquets can also be varied depending on the theme of the wedding, for example bridesmaid bouquets can be decorated with items such as beads, sea shells, Fall or Winter foliage.

Bridesmaid Flower Balls For Weddings

Flower Balls

Flower Balls are based on the Elizabethan pomander; pomanders were scented perfume balls which ladies carried with them and were filled with ingredients such as Rose buds, Amber, Musk, Benzoin and Labdanum. Flower Balls are essentially ‘pomanders’ made from flowers and finished with a ribbon or tulle handle which slips over the bridesmaid’s wrist.

Roses are popular in flower balls but other flowers such as Carnations, Gerber Daises and Hydrangea can be used too. Flower balls may be carried by older bridesmaids but can be ideal for younger bridesmaids and flower girls, as the flower ball is easily slipped over the wrist and is not as cumbersome as traditional flower bouquets.

Flower Wrist Corsages for Bridesmaids

Flower wrist corsages are similar to flower balls in that the flowers are attached to the wrist, leaving the hands free; this too is an excellent choice for younger bridesmaids and flower girls. The flowers are secured to the wrist, ensuring that the bridesmaid doesn’t misplace the flowers. Flowers which are ideal for flower wrist corsages are Roses, Orchids and any flower which is not too large.

Bridesmaid Flower Baskets and Purses

Flower baskets have traditionally been carried by flower girls at weddings but can be an alternative for bridesmaids too; the basket may be filled with co-ordinating flowers to match the bride’s wedding bouquet and can be carried over the arm. There are a wide variety of baskets available for flowers in various sizes and styles.

For a more modern update on the traditional flower basket, consider color co-ordinated purses for older bridesmaids, decorated with co-ordinating flowers. There are many elegant styles of small purses to choose from and they provide a practical alternative for bridesmaids too, in which they are able to carry essentials for the wedding day.

The Victorian Tussie Mussie for Weddings

Tussie mussies were popular in Victorian England, although they initially emerged in Elizabethan England; tussie mussies were a small posy of flowers, traditionally exchanged between sweethearts and lovers. Flower meanings were of great importance in the Victorian era and flower posies were chosen carefully in consideration of meaning; a mis-chosen tussie mussie may have given the wrong intentions.

Today, tussie mussies are given for birthdays, Valentine’s day and used in weddings. Bridesmaids can carry any combination of flowers in a tussie mussie, depending on the bride’s preference and regard to flower meanings. However, some choices for Victorian tussie mussies included Roses, Lavender, Marjoram, Carnations and Orange Blossom.

Flower Bouquets for Themed Weddings

Some brides may have a particular theme for a wedding or a chosen location; for example, for a beach wedding, sea shells may be incorporated into wedding flower bouquets. Depending on the season, Fall or Winter foliage such as Holly, Ivy or Fall leaves may be used. For artistic brides, ‘flower’ bouquets may be beaded, in place of real flowers.

Bridal Bouquet Alternatives

Any of these flower bouquet alternatives for bridesmaids may also be used by the bride; flower wrist corsages have been worn by brides such as Bianca Perez Morena de Macias in her 1971 wedding to rock star Mick Jagger in St Tropez, France. For true Victorian elegance, the bride may choose to carry a simple tussie mussie as an alternative to a more elaborate bridal bouquet.

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